MERINO FLEECE BEANIE - lavender pink
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MERINO FLEECE BEANIE - lavender pink

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Beanie is made of super soft 100% organic merino wool fleece - GOTS certified. It has a ruffle in the back seam ensuring a great fit. Fleece wool can absorb a lot of liquid but it will keep the skin warm when wet therefore they provide optimal protection against wind and cold.
They are a must piece for skiing, camping, or wandering in nature no matter how cold it is. 

100% organic merino fleece wool 

Made in Lithuania. 

SizingWe recommend measuring your child's head before selecting a size to ensure a proper fit. Pure pure hats and balaclavas use the European/metric sizing standard that is based on head circumference. Please measure at the largest point above the eyebrows.

Merino wool is a product from nature. It contains lanolin thanks to which the wool is self-cleaning. Light dirt or bad odors can be removed easily by airing the product outside or by “pressing” the garment very carefully. You don’t need to wash your merino garments before using them for the first time.
If you need to wash them, we strongly recommend following the care instructions on the inner care label of your product.
Most of our products can be washed in the wool /delicate cycle of most washing machines. If the care label shows that your product only can be hand washed, please follow the hand washing instructions below:

Wool / delicate cycle:
• Use mild wool detergent or baby shampoo.
• Wool / delicate cycle with max. temperature of 30°C
• Please change the rotations of your washing machine to max. 400-500.
• Shake gently after washing, pull them in shape carefully and place it flat on a laundry rack (never use a tumble dryer).

Hand washing:
• Fill your sink with „cold“ water (about 25-30°C).
• Use mild wool detergent or baby shampoo.
• Put merino garment into the water, press the garment carefully for 2 minutes (do not rub it), and then take it out of the water.
• Rinse it carefully with fresh water at the same temperature (also 25°C–30°C), squeeze it out softly, pull it in shape and place it flat on a laundry rack (never use a tumble dryer).

Put a towel on your laundry rack, place your wet article flat on the towel and let it dry there.

Wash your products once in a while with lanolin-replenishing soap.