baby in merino owner

A few months after our youngest was born, we noticed during the night time in her sleep she was extremely active, wriggling around she kicked-off her blanket which had her waking up cold and unhappy. This would wake us up, so we were all sleep deprived!

BABY IN MERINO™ was created after looking so desperately for a product that solved our kicking-off the blanket solution. In our innovative designs, we have thoughtfully created a sleep sack which cannot be pulled up or kicked-off during the night. We even went further with our designs adding openings for feet to allow freedom of movement. Our main requirements throughout all this were the simplicity of design and 100% natural fabrics.

At last the first innovative BABY IN MERINO™ sleep sack with open legs product was born!

We stand behind our promise to ourselves and to our customers. From the beginning, we have followed our beliefs, by continuing to use only certified, organic fabrics that respect the environment, global footprint and people. We manufacture in eco-responsible environments and continue to look for ways that we can improve our products. Designing a product that’s multi-functional and for longevity, something as simple as fold-down cuffs can allow the merino sack to expand with your fast-growing child.

We are grateful to our loyal customers, who from the beginning have shared the same philosophy with us. BABY IN MERINO™ is a family company, we believe that this journey should be shared with our customers. We know that you want the best for your child and to feel that you are contributing to the responsibility of our planet. What better way is there of doing this by putting them in a product that is not only natural, cozy and comfortable it’s environmentally-friendly helping the planet for generations to come!

We stand behind our product with absolute confidence. We know that what we have to offer will not only make your life more simple, it will free up more time to enjoy the little moments making them so much more meaningful and full of joy! We will never give up on improving our products and we couldn’t do it without YOU, our loyal and valued customer! We always love to hear from you, so please continue to share your thoughts with us, you are part of our journey...

Your Baby in Merino Team