Merino wool Breastfeeding T-shirt
Merino wool Breastfeeding T-shirt


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100% Merino wool


KOJO breastfeeding t-shirt has a timeless dark gray color, it is versatile, and easy to combine.The softness of the material, low weight, and purely natural composition predestine it to be an ideal piece of clothing throughout the year regardless of activity.

Merino wool has great thermoregulatory properties, so you will always remain in a pleasant thermal comfort even if you have to breastfeed your baby. During hiking, sports, or during a hot day, when you perspire, wool quickly removes moisture from the body and prevents unpleasant sensations, but also odors due to its antibacterial properties. In addition, it has a natural ability to protect against UV radiation.

T-shirts are designed to be worn as a base layer directly on the skin. Thanks to the properties of wool, they have a stretchy – comfortable design. They are designed to keep your back covered in any weather. A modern women’s cut that allows movement without restrictions when you exercise, run, or just walk. Extended sleeves, hems, and cuffs eliminate unwanted pulling out while wearing. The cut is adjusted for easy and comfortable access to the breast. It is designed to accommodate any size of the cups and bras you are wearing and allows you to breastfeed discreetly in almost any situation. The double stitching and connection of three layers of fabric in the most stressed upper part of the KOJO t-shirt will ensure that the t-shirt will maintain a perfect cut even after long-term use.

It will be your companion on adventures with the baby, but also after the breastfeeding period.

Merino wool t-shirts do not need to be washed after each wear due to their antibacterial properties. Just let it dry out. You will appreciate this ability, especially during holidays, out of town, or multi-day trips.


size XS S M L XL
chest cm up to 78 88 96 106 116
chest inch up to 30 35 38 42 46
waist cm up to 66 74 82 90 98
waist inch up to 25,9 29 32 35 39
hips cm up to 80 88 98 108 118
hips inch up to 32 35 39 43 46


KOJO breastfeeding T-shirts are fitted, and merino wool is flexible, but KOJO tops are running smaller compared to American sizes. If you are in between sizes, we would highly recommend to size up. The chest size is the most relevant. Please, contact us upfront if you need any advice. Happy to help!

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