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Our thoughtfully designed BABY IN MERINO™ Sleep Sack with open legs is a natural progression for your child’s growth.

The open construction of the legs allows your children to grow with the Sleep Sack for long-term use. 

      Secured with the same comfortable design of the open armholes & zipper to ensure that your child stays covered and warm throughout the night!

      After a good night’s sleep from not walking up cold, the addition of the simple foot openings in the legs gives him/her the freedom of getting out of bed to walk around safely and play!

      For living in the colder climates we offer naturally a warmer, 2-layer 100% MERINO WOOL Sleep Sack. The first, outer layer is a heavier weight of high quality, ecologically friendly 100% MERINO WOOL. It provides extra warmth and ultimate coziness.

      We have also included a second, inner layer of a lighter weight high quality, ecologically friendly 100% MERINO WOOL that directly touches your baby’s skin.

      Upon instant contact, MERINO WOOL is naturally temperature regulating in both cold and hot climates. This feature creates optimal comfort for baby and child immediately improving their sleep quality.

      Because MERINO WOOL is super-soft, it creates an instant soothing, tactile effect on their skin, which in turn comforts, relaxes and creates a sense of cosines along with well being for them.


      • Practical and easy to use - front full-length YKK zipper
      • Long fold down cuffs with fold over closures to cover little toes
      • Suitable for use in temperatures 61°F - 72°F (16°C to 22°C)
      • Soft and itch-free, the best choice for a child who suffers from allergies, and eczema
      • Exceptional thermo-regulating features help little ones stay dry and warm
      • Designed and tested in the USA, made in Slovakia, EU from eco-friendly and GOTS certified fabric
      • Sleep sacks meet US Children's Sleepwear Safety Regulations
      • Come with drawstring bag for easy storage
      age length of sleep sack* length weigth
      6-12 months 29 inches (74 cm)  24 - 29 in
      (61 - 73.7 cm)
      11 - 18 lbs
      (5 - 8.2 kg)
      1-2 years 32.5 inches (83 cm) 28 - 33 in
      (71 - 84 cm)
      17 - 27 lbs
      (7.7 -12.3 kg)
      2-4 years 40 inches (102 cm) 32 - 40 in
      (81.3 - 101.6 cm)
      26 - 44 lbs
      (11.8 - 18 kg)

      *from shoulders to the end of cuffs


      We believe in things that last, and want to help your products look good for as long as possible.

      How to care of your merino wool products?

      Merino needs far less washing compared to cotton and synthetic fabrics. Often simply hanging your Merino garment outside on the line for a few hours is enough for it to refresh and renew. This is because it breathes better than any other material and is naturally antibacterial and odor resistant.

      Regular airing of your Baby in Merino Sleep Sacks will keep it fresh. When you do wash your garments, always be sure to follow the instructions on the label.

      • Use environmentally friendly detergent. Wash wool preferably by hand in lukewarm water or with a gentle cycle, max. 90˚F (30˚C)
      • Never soak your Merino garments, as this destroys the wool fibers.
      • Use only soft spin and do not tumble dry. 
      • Shape whilst damp and dry flat on a towel.  
      • Do not dry wool in direct sunlight or close to a heating source. 
      • For protection against moths, store wool clothing in a sealed plastic bag when not being used. 
      • We recommend treating your wool garments with environmentally friendly wool conditioner to preserve its softness and ability to absorb moisture.


      As our wool has not been treated with a synthetic coating, it may pill.
      If pilling occurs, do not despair. This is a natural process where friction causes the short fibers to migrate to the surface.

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