Knotted Beanie Hat
Knotted Beanie Hat
Knotted Beanie Hat
Knotted Beanie Hat
Knotted Beanie Hat
Knotted Beanie Hat

Knotted Beanie Hat

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Our newly designed BABY IN MERINO™ Knotted Beanie Hat is available for your baby’s growth from the age of newborn - 1 year.

Naturally, only using our finest single-layer of 100% superior, super-soft MERINO WOOL this fabric will instantly, soothe, calm and comfort your baby’s skin straight from out of the womb.

The beanie hat can be worn up to a year old due to the fabric having a gentle stretch ability. It is constructed with a folded hem detail which gently holds onto your baby’s fragile head. As the head is where babies lose the most amount of their body heat, it is also how they can retain the most amount of their body heat when covered. Upon instant contact, when worn MERINO WOOL is a naturally temperature regulating fabric in both cold and hot climates, working with your baby’s body temperature creating optimal comfort and coziness for your baby’s well-being.

  • Merino wool 195gsm
  • Soft and itch-free, the best choice for a child who suffers from allergies, and eczema
  • Designed and tested in the USA, made in EU from eco-friendly and GOTS certified fabric

We believe in things that last, and want to help your products look good for as long as possible.

How to care of your merino wool products?

Merino needs far less washing compared to cotton and synthetic fabrics. Often simply hanging your Merino garment outside on the line for a few hours is enough for it to refresh and renew. This is because it breathes better than any other material and is naturally antibacterial and odor resistant.

Regular airing of your Baby in Merino Sleep Sacks will keep it fresh. When you do wash your garments, always be sure to follow the instructions on the label.

  • Use environmentally friendly detergent. Wash wool preferably by hand in lukewarm water or with a gentle cycle, max. 90˚F (30˚C)
  • Never soak your Merino garments, as this destroys the wool fibers.
  • Use only soft spin and do not tumble dry. 
  • Shape whilst damp and dry flat on a towel.  
  • Do not dry wool in direct sunlight or close to a heating source. 
  • For protection against moths, store wool clothing in a sealed plastic bag when not being used. 
  • We recommend treating your wool garments with environmentally friendly wool conditioner to preserve its softness and ability to absorb moisture.


As our wool has not been treated with a synthetic coating, it may pill.
If pilling occurs, do not despair. This is a natural process where friction causes the short fibers to migrate to the surface.

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