Swaddle Sack is made of non-superwash high quality, ecologically friendly 100% MERINO WOOL that directly touches baby’s skin.

Upon instant contact, MERINO WOOL is naturally temperature regulating in both cold and hot climates. This feature creates optimal comfort for baby and child immediately improving their sleep quality.

Because MERINO WOOL is super-soft, it’s effects are immediate on your child as it creates an instant soothing, tactile effect on their skin, which in turn comforts, relaxes and creates a sense of cosines along with well being for them.

BABY IN MERINO™ Swaddle Sack replaces the worry of a loose blanket being kicked-off or covering baby’s face during their important sleep time. The natural construction of our MERINO wool and clever design of the Swaddle Sack also has the ability to stretch just enough to allow your baby to move the arms and legs comfortably as if she/he was still in the womb without restricting and yet still allowing baby’s development of hips and joints to progress through movement. At the same time, it recreates a womb-like sensation as it gently holds and hugs your baby to sleep.