Secured with the same comfortable design of the open armholes & zipper to ensure that your child stays covered and warm throughout the night!

After a good night’s sleep from not walking up cold, the addition of the simple foot openings in the legs gives him/her the freedom of getting out of bed to walk around safely and play!

We start by offering an inner layer of high quality, ecologically friendly 100% MERINO WOOL that directly touches your baby’s skin.

Upon instant contact, MERINO WOOL is naturally temperature regulating in both cold and hot climates. This feature creates optimal comfort for baby and child immediately improving their sleep quality.

Because MERINO WOOL is super-soft, it’s effects are immediate on your child as it creates an instant soothing, tactile effect on their skin, which in turn comforts, relaxes and creates a sense of cosines along with well being for them.

Our final touch is a high quality, ecologically friendly 100% ORGANIC COTTON outer layer, which wraps the MERINO WOOL inner layer with its breathable shell allowing the two fabrics to work together for your child’s ultimate comfort and cosines!