For living in the colder climates we offer naturally a warmer, 2-layer 100% merino wool Sleep Sack. It provides extra warmth and ultimate coziness. 
This sleep sack is suitable for cooler rooms from 62°F - 75°F (17°C to 24°C), it's perfect for fall, winter, and spring.

We start by offering an inner layer of 250gsm NON-superwash high-quality, 100% Merino wool that directly touches your baby’s skin. The second outer layer is NON-superwash 250gsm 100% merino wool.
Upon instant contact, merino wool is naturally temperature-regulating in both cold and hot climates. This feature creates optimal comfort for baby and child immediately improving their sleep quality.
Because merino wool is super-soft, its effects are immediate on your child as it creates an instant soothing, tactile effect on their skin, which in turn comforts, relaxes, and creates a sense of cosines along with well-being for them.