Blankets Function

Naturally, only using our finest single-layer of 100% superior, super-soft MERINO WOOL this fabric will instantly, soothe, calm and comfort your baby’s skin straight from out of the womb.

Upon instant contact, MERINO WOOL is a naturally temperature regulating fabric in both cold and hot climates, working with your baby’s body temperature creating optimal comfort and cosiness for your baby’s well-being.

The Swaddle Blanket is a single-layer of high quality, ecologically friendly 100% MERINO WOOL that directly touches your baby’s skin. The natural fabric construction has the ability to stretch just enough to allow your baby, when swaddled, to move the arms and legs comfortably enough as if he/she was still in the womb without restricting and yet still allowing baby’s development of hips and joints to progress through movement. At the same time it recreates a womb-like sensation as it gently holds and hugs your baby to sleep.

Our Swaddle Blanket can be for multiple uses throughout your baby’s growth into young childhood. The versatility and multiple uses that it offers allow for extra longevity. When your baby is past the swaddling stage, the blanket can be used in the crib, as a stroller cover, a nursing cover, a diaper changing blanket, a car/travel blanket when napping or a ‘cuddle/comfort’ blanket!