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Our thoughtfully designed silk and merino wool Sleep Sack with open legs is perfect for hot weather. It helps to regulate body temperature and provides great ventilation. It is breathable, lightweight, and very soft.

An inner layer of the sleep sack is made of high-quality, ecologically friendly 85% MERINO WOOL and 15% SILK that directly touches your baby’s skin. The fabric is lightweight, only 180 gsm compare to our 100% Merino wool sleep sacks which are made of interlock 250 gsm.
SILK has a cooling effect on a child, it disperses excess heat and leaves your child feeling cool and fresh. MERINO WOOL creates an instant soothing, tactile effect on their skin. This feature creates optimal comfort for babies and children immediately improving their sleep quality.
The outer layer is a high quality, ecologically friendly 100% ORGANIC COTTON, which wraps the MERINO WOOL AND SILK inner layer with its breathable shell allowing the two fabrics to work together for your child’s ultimate comfort and cosines!

The open construction of the legs allows your children to grow with the Sleep Sack for long-term use. After a good night’s sleep from not walking up warm, the addition of the simple foot openings in the legs gives him/her the freedom of getting out of bed to walk around safely and play!

** Color variation can occur as these sleep sacks are made from natural fiber. This is not the fault of the garment.


• 85% MERINO WOOL, 15% SILK inside layer, 180gsm
   100% ORGANIC COTTON outside layer
• Length from the top of the shoulders to the end of the cuffs:
       size 6-12m is 29 inches (74 cm)
       size 12-24m is 32.5 inches (83 cm)
       size 2-4y is 40 inches (102 cm)
• Long fold-down cuffs with fold-over closures to cover little toes
• Suitable for use in temperatures 66°F - 82°F (19°C to 28°C)
• Soft and itch-free, the best choice for a child who suffers from allergies, and eczema
• Washable on wool or gentle cycle in cold water
• Designed and tested in the USA
• Individually sewn in a small, family-owned factory in Slovakia, EU from eco-friendly and GOTS-certified fabric
• Sleep sacks meet US Children's Sleepwear Safety Regulations

Merino wool is a product from nature. It contains lanolin thanks to which the wool is self-cleaning. Light dirt or bad odors can be removed easily by airing the product outside or by “pressing” the garment very carefully. You don’t need to wash your merino garments before using them for the first time.
If you need to wash them, we strongly recommend following the care instructions on the inner care label of your product.
Most of our products can be washed in the wool /delicate cycle of most washing machines. If the care label shows that your product only can be hand washed, please follow the hand washing instructions below:

Wool / delicate cycle:
• Use mild wool detergent or baby shampoo.
• Wool / delicate cycle with max. temperature of 30°C
• Please change the rotations of your washing machine to max. 400-500.
• Shake gently after washing, pull them in shape carefully and place it flat on a laundry rack (never use a tumble dryer).

Hand washing:
• Fill your sink with „cold“ water (about 25-30°C).
• Use mild wool detergent or baby shampoo.
• Put merino garment into the water, press the garment carefully for 2 minutes (do not rub it), and then take it out of the water.
• Rinse it carefully with fresh water at the same temperature (also 25°C–30°C), squeeze it out softly, pull it in shape and place it flat on a laundry rack (never use a tumble dryer).

Put a towel on your laundry rack, place your wet article flat on the towel and let it dry there.

Wash your products once in a while with lanolin-replenishing soap.


Sleep sacks are generous in size, we do not recommend sizing up.

age length of sleep sack* height of child weight of child
6-12 months 29" (74 cm)  24 - 29 in
(61 - 73.7 cm)
11 - 18 lbs
(5 - 8.2 kg)
1-2 years 32.5" (83 cm) 28 - 33 in
(71 - 84 cm)
17 - 27 lbs
(7.7 -12.3 kg)
2-4 years 40" (102 cm) 32 - 40 in
(81.3 - 101.6 cm)
26 - 44 lbs
(11.8 - 18 kg)
5-6 years 46" (117 cm) 39 - 45 in
(100 - 115 cm)
33 - 44 lbs
(15 -20 kg)

*from shoulders to the end of cuffs



Thermal base layers are designed to fit snugly (close to the body). We suggest a size up if you like a more loose fit for your child.

size T-shirt length **inside leggings 
3-6 months 11.5" (29 cm) 9.8" (25 cm)
6-12 months 12.5" (33 cm) 11" (28 cm)
1-2 years 14" (35 cm) 14" (36 cm)
3-4 years 15.75" (40 cm) 16" (41 cm)
5-6 years 17.7" (45 cm)  19.5" (49 cm)
* T-shirt length - length from the shoulder to the bottom of the T-shirt
** Inside leggings - length of the leggings from the crotch to the heel of footed pans or end of the cuffs

Customer Reviews

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The most cozy sleep sack

My daughter loves this! We keep her feet covered since it still gets chilly at night, but she does not get tangled with the separate leg sections and is she looks very comfortable. Happy to have a wonderful lightweight option for summer.

Peien, W.
Second purchase

Second time purchasing for our boy, their products are superb.

Super soft.

The owner is responsive and helpful. The sleep sack is great for hot summers and is super soft.

Einfach super.

Der Schlafsack ist super für meinen Jungen der so schnell Schwitzt! So schwitzt er nicht und friert auch nicht! Einfach super. Wie auch schon der Vorgänger! Gerne immer wieder! Er liebt ihn!

Great for summer

Awesome quality of product and really cute design. Very happy with my purchase. Exactly what i wanted for summer season.